Questa È Vera Grappa

Belvedere di Villaga

Province of Vicenza
Owners: Schiavon family
Distiller: Stefano Grandis

Questa è Vera Grappa is Italian for ‘this is real grappa’ and the eccentricity of the name reflects the artisanal nature of the distillery, now in its third generation. Questa è Vera Grappa is characterised by purity and true to variety aromatics and flavours. The distinctive packaging, all done by hand, is so striking that the each grappe has simply become known by its wrapping colour. Every sheet of paper is hand numbered in pencil and, after wrapping, the bottles are tied with string and wax stamped.  Their annual production is 2000 cases.

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Grappa Viola (purple) 700ml
Grappa Gialla (yellow) 700ml
Grappa Nera (black) 700ml
Grappa Rosa (red) 700ml
Grappa Nera (black) 700ml
Grappa Denim (blue) 700ml
Grappa Verde (green) 700ml