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Trembath & Taylor was established in 1994 and is a leading importer of Italian wine in Australia. Our portfolio includes representation from nineteen of Italy’s twenty regions (plus Slovenia) and a distinguished range of artisanal spirits.


Where it all began

In the early 1990’s Michael Trembath & Virginia Taylor spent two years in Milan working for Italian wine pioneer Neil Empson.  They came home in 1994 and established Trembath & Taylor, a forerunner in introducing Italian wine to Australia.

Flashback to Australian wine culture in 1994: Sangiovese was a new grape variety to many, Pinot Grigio and Prosecco didn’t exist, let alone Nerello Mascalese, and barely anyone had heard of Barolo.

Matt Paul joined them in 2004 and the trio expanded the portfolio to embrace Italy in detail.


Like a good wine we’ve aged well

A quarter of a century in the wine business is something to celebrate. The wineries we started with all those years ago have become classics of Italian wine and we are very proud that our initial collaboration has evolved through generational change to be as relevant and fervent as ever.

In 2019 Virginia Taylor retired, leaving Matt and Michael to continue to do what they love: talking, drinking, teaching and learning about vino Italiano. Every year, the pair travel extensively throughout all corners of Italy to taste new vintages and to discover new wineries.

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Italy is the most dynamic wine country in the world. The culture and diversity of grapes, terroir and cuisine, together with Italian ospitalità, is what draws us to this incredible country.  We are proud to bring a little of that to Australia and we feel that it enhances the rich wine landscape in our country.


Every bottle is shipped in refrigerated ‘reefers’ and we represent all of our wineries and producers exclusively and nationally.

The Trembath & Taylor team services Victoria and New South Wales and we are proud to partner with leading distributors in every state and territory.

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