Two great whites from two new growers

RussoBruno Greco di Tufo
Roberta Russo and Marco Bruno purchased an old vineyard in Tufo with one clear goal in mind, to make great Greco. They enlisted Campanian specialist Vincenzo Mercurio and made their first wine in 2013. Today, there are four hectares under vine and the vineyards are all farmed organically.

Greco is one of Italy’s most important grapes and in true Italian style, the grape can also be one of the most confusing, with a large family of Greco wines produced throughout southern Italy. But it is in the village of Tufo in Campania where Greco really established its reputation as one of the best whites of the peninsula. The vineyards around Tufo are grown at high altitude – 600 metres at RussoBruno – on volcanic soils and are usually harvested in mid to late October. Compared to its Avellino neighbour, Fiano, Greco is typically more structured and a little higher in alcohol.

Chiesa del Carmine Trebbiano Spoletino
The region of Umbria in central Italy is one of Italy’s smallest and the only landlocked region on the peninsula. Dominated by the Appenines, its rolling verdant hills and spectacular scenery have inspired some of the country’s finest art and spirituality, not to mention food and wine.

Chiesa del Carmine is the ancient church on the Carmine Estate, located at the foot of Monte Tezio in a protected valley, where the wildlife is abundant and nature is thriving. The views from all aspects are stunning. To the south is Monte Subasio and the town of Assisi, to the west the ancient castle of Antognolla and to the north woodlands and the mountains ranges of the Appenines.

Trebbiano Spoletino, although part of the ubiquitous Trebbiano family, is found only in Umbria, especially in the townships of Spoleto. The vineyard is planted at 5000 vines her hectare at 260-295 metres above sea level, on calcareous soil rich in albarese and quartz stones. Fermented and aged in stainless steel, this is fresh and crisp with floral notes and citrus fruit. The palate shows minerality and classic Italian sapidity.