Kuenhof – Peter Pliger


Province of Bolzano
Established: 1990
Owner: Peter & Brigitte Pliger
Winemaker: Peter Pliger
Production: 27,000 bottles
Hectares under vine: 6
Viticulture: Natural

Meeting Peter Pliger is an experience. One first has to get to Italy’s most northerly DOC zone, …


Kris is from the Delle Venezie, the historical term for the three regions of the Veneto, encompassing Trentino-Alto Adige, Friuli-Venezia Giulia and the Veneto. The wine is classic Pinot Grigio – crisp and dry with notes of acacia flowers, citrus …

Franz Haas


Province of Bolzano
Established: 1880
Owner: Franz & Luisa Haas
Winemaker: Franz Haas
Production: 290,000 bottles
Hectares under vine: 50
Viticulture: Conventional

The Alto Adige region, known as the sud-Tirol when it belonged to neighbouring Austria, provides an awe-inspiring …