mianiProvince: Udine
Owners: Enzo Pontoni
Winemakers: Enzo Pontoni
Production: 8000 bottles
Hectares under vine: 18
Viticulture: Organic

Enzo Pontoni is widely regarded as one of Italy’s finest winemakers and his wines are highly sought after in Italy and abroad. …



Province of Gorizia
Owner: Coser family
Winemaker: Enrico Coser
Viticulture: Conventional

Enrico Coser, young gun winemaker from Ronco dei Tassi, created Clic to introduce a new generation to the delights of the grapes and wines of Friuli. The name …

Ronco dei Tassi


Province of Gorizia
Established: 1989
Owner: Coser family
Winemakers: Fabio & Enrico Coser
Production: 110,000 bottles
Hectares under vine: 22
Viticulture: Conventional

The name ronco is Friulian for ‘hillside, terraced vineyard’. Ronco dei Tassi is named after the badgers …


Farra d’Isonzo & Ruttars

Province of Gorizia
Established: 1881
Owner: Silvio Jermann
Winemaker: Silvio Jermann
Production: 750,000 bottles
Hectares under vine: 110
Viticulture: Conventional

Silvio Jermann blasted onto the Italian stage with the first release of Vintage Tunina in 1976, …


Gradisca d’Isonzo

Province of Gorizia
Established: 1982
Owners: Bortoluzzi family
Winemakers: Giovanni & Alessio Bortoluzzi
Production: 200,000 bottles
Hectares under vine: 40
Viticulture: Conventional

Giovanni Bortoluzzi’s first career as a consultant winemaker and bottler in Friuli gave him the perfect …