cork is screwed

I woke this morning to the news that “Italian authorities have approved the use of synthetic corks and screwcaps on higher quality DOC and DOCG wines for the first time.”

And then I read it again, just to be sure it wasn’t some April Fools Day type hoax. I’m no fan of synthetic corks, but screwcaps on a wider range of Italian wines, especially whites, would be fantastic. We already have 31 wines under screwcap and we are always pushing for more.

But, there are a few barriers to screwcaps and they are big ones.

1. The domestic market prefers cork, and will need years to change.

2. Many major markets are yet to embrace screwcaps (although it wont be long before they do).

3. Italy is full of small wineries that estate bottle. There are no bottling trucks whizzing through the countryside like we have in Australia and the financial burden of a screwcap bottling line is excessive.

I look forward to Dolcetto, Arneis, Vernaccia, Friulano, Verdicchio, Gavi, Fiano, Greco and many other wines coming our way under screwcap in the near future. I’m still not convinced that screwcaps are a good option for Barolo, Brunello, Taurasi, Amarone etc but, time (and many trials) will tell.

Maybe in a few years time my son will say, Dad what’s a cork screw?