Inside Chianti Classico


My friends Walter Speller, Italian specialist for Jancis Robinson, and Michael Schmelzer of Montebernardi in Panzano in Chianti, recently established to promote the sub zones of Chianti Classico.

“The historical area of Chianti Classico is made of nine zones and multiple sub-zones which cover over 70,000 hectares of territory of which 10,000 hectares are planted to vine. The purpose of creating this site is to have a destination dedicated to promoting the regional identities of each separate and unique sub-zone. This will strengthen the denomination as a whole, stimulate interest in learning and appreciating the differences among the particular sub-regions, as in Burgundy or in the Comunes of Barolo and Barbaresco. There will be more debate, and more meaningful research into what makes each region individual, and perhaps this will eventually inspire individual producers to embrace the wine styles that support the strengths of their individual sub-region.”

Check out the site, my contribution is here, and follow on twitter @inside_cc to keep up to date. This might just be the start of something….