The Nonino cocktail challenge

Italy’s leading grappa producer, Nonino, is hosting three of the USA’s leading mixologists in a cocktail challenge to be held at the Nonino distillery in Percoto, Friuli.

The trip is being blogged by Italian food and wine historian Jeremy Parzen from Do Bianchi. To follow their adventures, click here. There are some great photos of the distillery and the group have already dined at one of my favourite restaurants, Valter Scarbolo’s excellent Frasca.

Not sure why I didn’t get an invite really. Nobody pours Nonino Amaro over ice like I can (not to mention a blood orange garnish of course) and I even use a set of Nonino tumblers. Next year maybe?

Hopefully we’ll convince Cristina, Antonella or Elisabetta to overcome their fear of flying to visit Australia soon.