mangiare mangiare

One of the real highlights of our FVGVTAA [Friuli Venezia Giulia Veneto Trentino Alto Adige] trip was visiting Prosciuttificio D’Osvaldo in Cormons, Friuli. The D’Osvaldo family has been making prosciutto for generations and is the definition of artigianale production. The make the best prosciutto, speck and pancetta I’ve ever tasted. Their process is unique as they use cherry wood and herbs to cold smoke the meat before it is cured, imparting a complex, slightly honeyed flavour to the meat.

shrine to the pig

Australia’s ridiculous health and safety regulations, preventing the importation of ‘on the bone’ prosciutto mean that the only way to try it is to go to Friuli. I’ve been paying close to $100 per kilo for Italian prosciutto here, and a leg from D’Osvaldo, weighing in at about 8-9kg, is about 160euro. Do the math, and someone here is making a killing on my weekly slices.

start here

then here

and finish here

I think they call this food photo blogging ‘blogilicious’? Dennis and Wayne from Bastianich took us to Enoteca De Feo, their very cool local in Cividale and my new favourite wine bar.

now this is a plate of salumi, complete with D'Osvaldo prosciutto of course

Lunch at the Coser’s (of Ronco dei Tassi) was a culinary tour of Italy – a very Piedmontese baked eggs with white truffle, followed by Fabio grilling some Tuscan style Bistecca. A beautiful family making beautiful wines. The Clerico Barolo Pajana 99 was awesome (I’d love to see this in another ten years) but the real surprise was their 2000, yes 2000, Pinot Grigio: complex, honeyed, fine and long, you’d see the variety in a new light after drinking this.

Dinner at Valter Scarbolo’s restaurant, La Frasca, was superb. Valter is one of the nicest guys going around in the world of food and wine. Grazie Valter.

foie gras and porcini on polenta at La Frasca, so good

Finally, if you haven’t eaten well in Venice, an unfortunate but common complaint, then you haven’t eaten at Vini da Gigio, one of Trembles’ favourite restaurants. Classic home style cooking and a killer wine list.

a dish I could eat every day for the rest of my life