Distilleria Alpe

Hone, Valle d'Aosta

The Calvetti family have been distilling traditional liqueurs of Aosta since 1948. The operation is completely artisanal, specialising in small batch distillation utilising Aosta’s unique alpine herbs and flowers.

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    Calvetti Family

Genepy and Amaro are made following similar procedures. The herbs are picked in August, allowed to dry and then infused together in pure alcohol for about a month. Part of the infusion is then re-distilled to give the liqueur a more persistent flavour and to clarify the colour and then sugar and spring water (to adjust the alcohol) are added.

Alpe’s Genepy ‘Herbetet’ is named after Herbetet Peak of Grand Paradiso, located in the Graian Alps between the Aosta Valley and Piedmont, and is based on the herb of the same name, commonly known as wormwood, with cinnamon, oregano, lemon and mint. Genepy is typically served neat as a digestivo and is becoming increasingly popular in cocktails.

Amaro Alpe is made from more than twenty locally grown herbs, roots and flowers including gentian, artemisa, mint and bitter botanicals such as rhubarb root.


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