La Morra, Piedmont

Famous for Barolo, Marcarini’s Chinato is something special and a great way to end a meal, after a bottle of Barolo of course.

  • Established

  • Owner

    Manuel Marchetti

Barolo Chinato is traces its origins back to the late 1800’s and is made using Barolo that is infused with a variety of herbs and fruits, including China Calissaya bark, clove, gentian, rhubarb, ginger, orange, juniper, mint, bay and vanilla, just to name a few!

Originally considered a medicinal tonic, today only a handful of Barolo wineries produce Chinato. At Marcarini they use their Barolo La Serra and age the wine in old oak casks. It is amber coloured with ruby red reflection, aromatic with spicy notes and the bittersweet taste of the China bark. As a modern day tonic, we suggest to serve neat in a wine glass with dark chocolate at the end of a meal.


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