perché vino italiano?

A question that we are often asked by our growers in Italy is to explain the wine market in Australia. The answer is in two parts, the first one being importation and distribution: “it’s very simple, unlike most countries we can import and distribute nationally”. Easy. The second part is where it gets interesting: for retail sales “we have two supermarket companies that control about 75% of the market. In all, there are probably twenty independent retailers that we trade with that are actually interested in Italian wine”. And the reply, always the same, is a disbelieving “che, solo venti”? Or, “what, only twenty”?

Sad but true. Our independent retailers champion the small growers of wine regions from around the world. But competition is fierce and Falanghina could be fighting for shelf space alongside Austrian Grüner Veltliner, let alone its neighbouring Greco, Fiano or Coda di Volpe. Every day we take calls from consumers looking to buy something interesting and Italian, often after they have tasted it in a bar or restaurant. Our policy is to always recommend a local stockist but, quite often, there isn’t one. This is why we developed Vino Italiano – not to cut anybody out, or ‘take sales’ from the supporting independent retailers. Rather, to do the right thing by our growers in ensuring that their wines are always available, all over the country.