San DonĂ  di Piave, Province of Venice

The story of Bellini begins in Venice in 1948, when peach juice and prosecco were mixed to create a refreshing summer drink. Named after the Venetian born artist Giovanni Bellini, who painted the sensuous colours of the Italian renaissance, the drink soon became fashionable worldwide.


  • Established

  • Owned by

    Canella family
  • Winemaker(s)

    Lorenzo Canella
  • Viticulture


Forty years later the Canella family, already a successful Prosecco producer, and a T&T selection, took up the challenge of bottling the famous cocktail to satisfy its popular demand.

The recipe follows the original: two parts prosecco and one part white peach juice and pulp and a few drops of raspberry juice. Not just any peaches, the delicate Maria Bianca variety, characterised by its flavoursome flesh and personally cultivated by the Canella family. Bellini is preservative free with no added sugar.


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