Colombera & Garella

Masserano, Bramaterra

colombera-garellaProvince of Vercelli
Established: 2010
Owners: Cristiano Garella & Giacomo Colombera
Winemakers: Cristiano Garella & Giacomo Colombera
Production: 20,000 bottles
Hectares under vine: 9.5
Viticulture: Organic

Colombera & Garella – Giacomo Colombera & Cristiano Garella – is a partnership that you are going to hear a lot about, not just when it comes to the revival of the wines from alto Piemonte, but also as one of Italy’s most exciting new wineries. Cristiano was so obsessed by wine in his teens that he begged his brother to drive him south to the Langhe where he knocked on the doors of the best estates, spending all his pocket money to taste and learn. Walter Speller nominates Cristiano as “one of Italy’s youngest and most talented oenologists”. After a few years in the Langhe, Cristiano returned home and teamed up with friend Giacomo, who was working his family vineyards, and they set out to make Nebbiolo wines with an emphasis on highlighting the “the different expressions of place, municipality by municipality”.

The vineyards, mostly in the DOC’s of Bramaterra and Lessona, are stony and rich in minerals and have pH of 4 (half that of  Barbaresco). The resulting wines are fine and elegant, the softer tannins make them approachable and the acidity makes them extremely long lived. Their young wine, Coste delle Sesia, is 65% Nebbiolo with the balance Vespolina and Croatina. Vespolina is high in acid and brings white pepper and raspberry fruit whilst Croatina is low in acid and full of plum, chocolate and coffee fruit.

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Coste delle Sesia DOC
Bramaterra DOC
Lessona DOC