Ka Manciné



Province of Imperia
Established: 2006
Owners: Maurizio Anfosso & Roberta Repaci
Winemaker: Maurizio Anfosso
Production: 16,000 bottles
Hectares: 3
Viticulture: Organic

Ka Manciné is a tiny estate in Soldano, near San Remo in Western Liguria and very close to the French border. Maurizio Anfosso and Roberta Repaci own three hectares, mostly planted to the local Rossese grape, which has recently been discovered to be the same as Tibouren in Southern France.
Viticulture here is back breaking work but the results are worth it. The vineyards, all close planted bush vines yielding just 1kg per vine, are grown on steep terraces at about 400 metres on a mix of schist and calcareous marls and clay.  The Beragna vineyard was originally planted in 1872 (on its own rootstock) and 30% of the original vines remain.

Rossese is a wine that really excels at the table and, being from Liguria, this could easily partner a plate of spaghetti allo scoglio as much as it would braised rabbit with taggiasca olives and pine nuts.

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Rossese di Dolceacqua DOC ‘Beragna’