Elena Fucci

Barile, Province of Potenza

In less than a decade, and producing just one wine from her family’s vineyards on Monte Vulture, Elena Fucci created a new classic in Italian winemaking.

  • Established

  • Owned by

    Fucci family
  • Winemaker(s)

    Elena Fucci
  • Viticulture


Monte Vulture, a 1326 metre high extinct volcano in northern Basilicata, lends its name to Basilicata’s most significant wine, Aglianico del Vulture. Aglianico has somewhat of a mythical reputation and, as one of Italy’s noble red grapes, is said by many to be the ‘Barolo of the south’. On the steep slopes of Monte Vulture the vines benefit from the intense sunlight of the south and, at these altitudes, the dramatic day and night temperature differences that promote freshness and acidity. The climate is relatively cool and the harvest is one of the latest, beginning in the last week of October.

The Fucci vineyard is located on the Titolo lava channel of Monte Vulture in northern Basilicata, grown at 650 metres on a volcanic lava mix known locally as pozzolana.


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