Vermouth, Amari & Grappa

The world of Italian spirits is as diverse and fascinating as its wines.


Torino, the home of Vermouth, is currently enjoying a new found popularity for both dry and rosso styles to enjoy over ice or in a cocktail.

Every region of Italy has its own distinct amaro. First made by monks and later pharmacists as a tonic to protect against illness and aid digestion, amari (plural) are typically bittersweet, herbal liqueurs made by macerating a variety of herbs, roots, vegetables, fruits and spices in alcohol and then sweetened with sugar. Whilst some can be enjoyed as an aperitivo, perhaps mixed with Prosecco or soda, they are traditionally served as a digestive, either straight from the fridge or poured over ice.

Grappa, originating in Italy’s northern provinces, is distilled from grape pomace (skins, seeds and stems). Artisanal grappa, like our distillers Nonino and Questa e Vera, is made using single batch, discontinuous distillation that allows for greater control of the final product. Grappa is best enjoyed at the end of a meal in a small tulip shaped glass at a cool but not cold temperature.


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