Farra D’isonzo & Ruttars, Province of Gorizia

Silvio Jermann blasted onto the Italian stage with the first release of Vintage Tunina in 1976, an incredible multi-varietal white wine that was to last 20 years: intensely perfumed, fresh and fruity, yet featuring honey and wildflowers with a dry, soft, harmonious palate of exceptional persistence due to a particularly full body.

  • Established

  • Owned by

    Antinori & Silvio Jermann
  • Winemaker(s)

    Silvio Jermann
  • Viticulture


This wine inaugurated not only a new era for his family’s winery but also for white wine vinification in Italy. Today, Silvio is equally at home with new world varieties Chardonnay and Sauvignon as he is with indigenous varieties Ribolla Gialla, Friulano, and Picolit. All his wines are extraordinary, multi-layered and extract-loaded, expressing the essence of each varietal character to its purest and fullest degree.


Recently, Silvio completed his impressive new cantina in Ruttars, adjacent to the Capo Martino vineyard. Historical native varieties, ones that have grown in the area for centuries, are vinified here, along with a growing number of red wines such as the rare and Barolo-esque Pignolo. On the wines, Silvio says “I want the wines to be genuine. I want them to be balanced and elegant but above all, they should move us, prompt our emotions and have a sense of authenticity”.


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