Pedemonte, Province of Verona

Although the name Valpolicella sounds good as a translation of the ‘valley of many cellars’, the name actually comes from vallis pulicellae, literally the valley of sand deposits. Pulla, in Latin, refers to the alluvial deposits along the series of small valleys formed by the Marano, Negrar, Fumane, and Nòvare rivulets.

  • Established

  • Owned by

    Speri families
  • Winemaker(s)

    Alberto Speri
  • Viticulture


The elevated terrain enjoys a temperate climate, unexpected at this northerly latitude and, as with Soave, ‘Classico’ is the Valpolicella appellation’s historical quality core, covering just five communes and a mere fifth of the DOC’s total territory. Within this historical heartland are Speri’s vineyards, divided into three distinct crus of La Roverina, Sant’ Urbano and La Roggia. Speri is owned and operated by the fourth generation Speri brothers, viticulturists Giampietro, Marco and Eliseo, oenologist Alberto and public relations maestro Carlo, all ably assisted by the up-and-coming fifth generation of the family led by Paolo, Enrico, Luca and Chiara.


La Roverina is unique to the region in that it is a value-for-money, single vineyard Valpolicella. The wine, a classic blend of Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara, yields a plummy, medium-bodied dry red with a touch of assertiveness and a hint of spice. Ripasso comes from the word ripassare (going over again) and refers to Valpolicella that re-ferments on the lees of Amarone, resulting in greater weight and complexity. Speri’s Amarone is a thrilling version of the king of Veronese wines, characterised by the deepest black colour, an intense bouquet with spicy, aromatic and jammy notes and a powerful palate with measured finesse.



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