della nostra cantina

We get asked all the time for older wine but, the problem is, nobody wants to do the expensive part – cellaring. The winery cant really afford it and has limited space. The restaurant/retailer – they cant afford it and definitely have no space. And, whilst our budget doesn’t allow for multiple vintages of Barolo and Brunello (yet), we do have the climate controlled space.

So finally, after years of patient cellaring, we will soon offer our inaugural DELLA NOSTRA CANTINA wine from the 2007 vintage.


The wines will be cellared for about five years and each bottle will be badged so you will know that they have come from our cellar. We have  started the program with value in mind, cellaring Chianti Classico, Barbera and Valpolicella Ripasso – all wines that drink beautifully with short term cellaring and are often underappreciated. That’s one of the other aims of the program, to dispel the myth that such wines don’t age.

First up this year will be Felsina Chianti Classico 2007, a great vintage in Tuscany that produced rich and fruity wines. With time in the bottle, the ripe dark cherry fruit is giving way to more earthy and liquorice notes. It has a few years ahead of it that’s for sure, but its hard to beat right now. *quantities will be strictly limited